This TENSIONER is equipment to prevent damage of overhead conductor or OPGW by loosing to ground when stringing work for overhead conductor or OPGW, and also tensile resistant equipment to keep required tensility of the overhead conductor by operating together with engine puller.

Model No.
Max. tension
3,500 kgf
5,000 kgf
Max. speed
60 m/min
60 m/min
Max. conductor dia.
ACSR 610 mm2
ACSR 810 mm2
Bull-wheel dia.
& Type
1,200 mm
Endless shoe Chain NeopreneCoating

1,500 mm
Endless shoe Chain Neoprene Coating

Cooling system
Air Cooled Type
Hydraulic & Hand band brake combination
Dimensions(LxWxH) 2,5501,0001,820 mm
2,8001,2002,050 mm
Weight 1,800 kg
2,300 kg
Attached B.V Winch(Hand winch)